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Adventures in Odyssey DVD - The Caves of Qumran

Adventures in Odyssey DVD - The Caves of Qumran

Manufacturer: **TYNDALE**
ISBN: 978-1-58997-220-9
Price: $9.95
Retail: $12.97
You Save: $3.02
THE CAVES OF QUMRAN is a kids animated DVD in the Adventures in Odyssey series from Focus on the Family. While watching this exciting adventure, kids will learn that some things are more important than riches. When a mysterious old treasure map shows up in Odyssey, Mr. Whittaker, Dylan, Connie, and Eugene embark on a perilous journey that leads them to the caves of Qumran in Palestine. The search for hidden treasure explodes into a harrowing adventure as Whit and the gang narrowly escape dangerous traps and solve mysterious clues to reach a secret inner chamber of the cave. But a sinister Mr. Faustus and his cronies are also hot on the trail. Who will find the treasure first? Mystery, intrigue and excitement abound in this adventure. This DVD also has behind-the-scenes featurettes plus computer screen-savers and wallpaper. Also on the DVD are two 30-minute Adventures in Odyssey audio adventures, The Treasure of LaMonde and The Jesus Cloth. Video running time approximately 30 minutes. For children ages 5-12.

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