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Journey Through a Jewel

Journey Through a Jewel

Manufacturer: **DOES GOD EXIST?**
ISBN: 1-892435-05-5
Price: $5.95
A novel by S. L. Jansma set on a white-water rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Cadie is a young woman who has a troubled relationship with her father, but she loves to spend her summers working with him as a guide on river rafting expeditions. She is a determined atheist, but she meets a handsome young man named Bren in the group of Christian tourists who have come to Arizona for the adventure of a lifetime.

The trip takes some unexpected turns and you will learn much about the history, beauty, and danger of the Grand Canyon as you travel through this "Jewel."

A great read!
289 pages. Paperback.

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