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Living Successfully with Diabetes

Living Successfully with Diabetes

Manufacturer: **DOES GOD EXIST?**
Price: $1.95
Phyllis Clayton has lived almost 60 years with diabetes and this book is her story. Phyllis has raised a family and kept up with her husband, John, while remembering the advice of a doctor in 1957, "Control your diabetes to live, not live simply to control your diabetes." She received a plaque from the Eli Lilly Foundation for living 50 years with insulin-dependent diabetes. She is thankful for the improvements in diabetic treatment over the years, including much smaller needles! Phyllis has been through insulin reactions, eye problems, diabetic neuropathy, kidney problems, heart problems, osteoporosis, circulation problems, and diabetic ulcers. With all that she still writes, "It has been a good life, and I appreciate every day God has allowed me to enjoy His blessings hear on Earth." Her story will encourage and inspire others who are living with "the silent killer." 27 pages.

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