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Whiner's Guide to Chemotherapy

Whiner's Guide to Chemotherapy

Manufacturer: **DOES GOD EXIST?**
Price: $2.45
This book by Judy Hines takes a very light-hearted approach to a very serious subject. Judy Hines survived three bouts with cancer and chemotherapy. It was her sense of humor and her faith in God that brought her through those experiences. This short book contains her journal, her testimony of faith, and her humorous principles for whining. These include: Quality Whining - To Whom, When, and Where; Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow; Bones Versus Bulge; Flashes in the Night (and Day); Ad Nauseum; Pity Parties for Pain - Catered and Uncatered; Deep Down, Way, Way Down; Fatigue; Water, Water Everywhere This book can be an encouragement to anyone facing breast cancer (as Judy did) or other kinds of cancer (as Judy did also). It will make you laugh and cry. 50 pages. Illustrated by Nancy Hines.

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