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End of the Spear - DVD

End of the Spear - DVD

Manufacturer: **FOXFAITH**
SKU: DM100
UPC: 02453245704
Price: $19.95
Worlds collide and tragedy strikes as a missionary group journeys to the heart of the Amazon jungle in search of the Waodani, a tribe of fierce warriors completely isolated from civilization. When five of the missionary men are killed by tribesmen, their families are left husbandless and fatherless. Despite their tremendous loss, and as a testament to their faith, the families decide to remain in Ecuador and live among the Waodani as originally planned. But the effects of that first encounter have yet to subside. A young boy, determined to unlock the secret of his father's death, must learn to accept a tragedy he cannot remember in this powerful tale of sacrifice, courage and redemption. This movie is based on the best-selling book by Elisabeth Elliot Through The Gates Of Splendor. The movie is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence. This DVD contains both full-screen and widescreen versions. Length 111 minutes. This film, based on true missionary experiences, is suitable for teens or adults. It provides an opportunity to discuss how God calls each of us to a specific purpose that ultimately is part of a bigger plan that only God can see from beginning to end. Also included is a Bible study guide. The themes of the movie and the study guide are: *God's call and the cost of that calling. *The importance of forgiveness. *The power of Jesus Christ to change lives. *How good can come from tragedy. We encourage you to watch this film together with your family or small group and discuss these themes. "Dare to make contact."

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