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Da Vinci Code Deception DVD

Da Vinci Code Deception DVD

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SKU: GA200
ISBN: 1931602867
UPC: 666907111432
Price: $4.95
This DVD answers the questions everyone is asking. Is Dan Brown’s novel really fact or fiction? Was Jesus really married to Mary Magdalene? Did they have a child together that became France’s royal bloodline? Did Catholic secret societies hide these and many other secrets about Jesus? Were famous people like Leonardo DaVinci and Sir Isaac Newton in on the secrets? Did DaVinci try to warn us through the Last Supper painting?

This documentary answers the questions and exposes the deceptions in Dan Brown’s novel through interviews with leading experts in theology, archeology, art history, philosophy and science. This DVD demonstrates how the evidence reaffirms the truth and reliability of New Testament Christianity.

Bonus features on this DVD include additional expert interviews and a tour of the Rosslyn Chapel which plays an important part in the DaVinci Code novel. Also on the DVD for access and printing are a pastor’s sermon outline and a Bible study curriculum for ages pre-teen through adults with handouts.

Total running time approximately 120 minutes including extra features.

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